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Facebook Home APKs leak, can be installed on some phones prior to official release

Facebook announced its SNS-centric Home launcher and related software (like a new Messenger that also handles SMS) last week and will be releasing them to the Play Store on April 12. The most impatient Facebook addicts don’t have to wait that long though, as they can have a go at the new software today using leaked APKs that were ripped from an HTC First ROM.

For that you’ll need a phone that fits several requirements – a screen with no more than 1280 x 768 pixel resolution and no Facebook app installed. If Facebook is installed as part of your ROM, you’ll need to get rid of it for the APKs to work.

Here’s how to do that – backup Facebook.apk found in your system partition, then delete it, install Facebook from the Play Store and uninstall it. Then you’d be free to install the Facebook Home APKs.

Speaking of which, here they are courtesy of MoDaCo – the Home launcher, the Facebook app and the Messenger.

Those are unofficial, so you’d be installing them at your own risk. Also, there are bugs and one of the key features (and arguably the best one), chat heads, does not work.



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